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Salesforce Administration as a Service

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Salesforce Administration as a Service

In the realm of Salesforce business administration, a common challenge arises: many organizations do not require a full-time administrator, yet consulting agencies often charge exorbitant rates, exceeding $200 per hour, for their services. Recognizing this disparity, we have identified the need for a cost-effective solution. At 22 Nexus, we bridge this gap by offering administration services at a fraction of the cost compared to other managed service providers. Instead of taking chances with freelance administrators whose experience may be uncertain, we provide certified and verified administrators backed by our consulting agency. This ensures that you have a skilled professional at your disposal, with the added advantage of comprehensive support for more complex issues. Moreover, our flexible approach allows you the option to hire the administrator on a full-time basis at the conclusion of the service term, if desired. With our solution, you gain both affordability and expertise, empowering your organization to thrive on the Salesforce platform.


  • Our administrators at 22 Nexus work based on your desired schedule, aligned with your time zone.
    • They dedicate a specified number of hours per week for a set number of weeks.
  • At the end of the term, you have the following options:
    • Rehire the administrator for another term to maintain continuity.
    • Hire the administrator on a full-time basis with a minimal referral fee through our referral program.
    • Choose to end the contract if necessary, based on your business requirements.

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A Salesforce Administrator ensures that Salesforce is the single source of truth for the business, and it fully realizes the promise of the 360 view of customers from lead to renewal.